"Born and raised in Northern Missouri, I’m the son of factory workers who instilled the value of hard work and determination in my upbringing, and I want to make sure to instill that same determination in my daughter and future generations."
"I would appreciate your vote and the opportunity to represent you and our great State!"

Missouri's public schools have fallen through the cracks.  With our current administration and lawmakers devoting so much attention to private and charter schools, our public schools and children have been paying the consequences of neglect.  Schools have been losing talented educators to our neighboring states for years due to lack of pay and resources.  As the cost of a college education continues to rise, subjecting graduates to enormous student loan debt, trade schools and trade classes in our high schools are an attractive alternative.  Trade schools and classes provide students  affordable skills to help them land good paying jobs that will allow them to stay in their local communities.  We all need to stand behind our public schools and teachers and make sure they have the resources they need to shape our future generations.


Missouri needs to develop and put into place a comprehensive plan for flood control along the Mississippi and Missouri river bottoms.  Too many Missourians lose their homes and livelihoods to floods.  The Corp of Engineers and MODOT need to work towards making improvements to levees and roads to ensure flooding doesn't affect homes, farms, businesses and commuters.  We also need to make sure aging roads and bridges are improved all over the state; especially in rural areas.  

In addition to addressing needs in transportation infrastructure, affordable access to high speed internet for all of Missouri should be a priority so everyone can have the same opportunities for education, work and entertainment.   


While many companies still provide employer sponsored health insurance benefits, the employee share of the cost of those benefits continues to rise.  For those who don’t have access to employer sponsored healthcare plans, the cost of private insurance is sometimes beyond their reach.  No US citizen should be without healthcare.  My plan would provide access to affordable health care to everyone who wants it, whether it be through eligibility for Medicare or some other public or private option. The cost of treating the uninsured can go a long way to paying for coverage for everyone. Prescription drug coverage is another issue that needs focused attention.  People should not need to choose between food and life sustaining medications such as insulin and cancer fighting drugs.  The time has come to settle this issue once and for all.  I pledge to work together with members of Congress to find a sustainable solution.  


Missourians have seen too many companies move to other states and countries.  This has had a major economic impact on the entire state.  We need to find ways to incentivize companies to start and keep their businesses in Missouri.  In rural areas of Missouri, residents often find it necessary to travel long distances for employment.  Missouri needs a sustainable plan to attract jobs that offer more than just a living wage to our state’s residents.


The last few years have seen adverse changes to our agricultural trade programs and Missouri’s farming communities have experienced some of the largest economic impacts.  

Current trade policies have resulted in substantial declines in agricultural trades as tariffs have been enacted.  

We need to work together with our trade partners to reform the entire system.  Doing this will result in more income for our farming families and our country.  Our farmers should never have to rely on bailouts to make ends meet.  

As your representative in congress I will fight hard to represent the interests of Missouri’s farmers.